Snow Removal

How much snow is a storm?
Whenever there is a snowfall, the city's emergency plans are put into effect by the Public Works Director. A light snowfall of less than two inches usually does not require plowing. The spreading of salt improves driving safety and aids in snow removal if the storm continues. For this reason, vehicles and workers are "on call" to begin twelve hour shifts.


Is there a method to which streets are cleared first? 
Greenville has a designated snow route which can be seen in the document linked below.  This route includes:

  • All of College Avenue;
  • All of Main Street;
  • Fourth Street from Franklin Avenue to College Avenue;
  • Third Street from Franklin Avenue to Oak Street;
  • Second Street from Harris Avenue to Oak Street;
  • Elm Street from Louis Latzer Drive to Walnut Street;
  • Grigg Street from Walnut Street to Illinois Route 140;
  • Eastern Avenue from College Avenue to Asbury Street;
  • Hena Street from Vine Street to Asbury Street;
  • Idler Lane from Illinois Route 127 to Illinois Route 140.

If accumulations are less than two inches, the remaining streets are initiated when accumu­lation reaches two inches or when de-icing chemicals alone are insufficient to clean the pavement. Subdivi­sion and cul-de-sac streets are plowed after the main streets.

Are there streets which the city is not responsible for clearing?
The State or Bond County is responsible for providing snow removal operations on the following Greenville streets:

  • US Highways: Route 40
  • State Highways: Route 127 & Route 140
  • Bond County: Red Ball Trail


Is street parking permitted during snow storms?
No vehicle shall remain parked on any street or public way within the municipal limits of the city which is des­ignated as a snow route when in the immediately preceding 12 hour period two inches or more of snow have fallen. Street parking seriously interferes and delays effective plowing operations. With vehicles parked on the street, plows are unable to clear the full pavement width and, in some instances, cannot maneuver through narrow streets and cul-de-sacs. Whenever possible, vehicles should be parked off the street during snow plowing operations.

What about sidewalks?
Greenville residents and businesses are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of their property.

How is the snow plowed?
The city's vehicles push the snow to the right-hand side of the road. Plows are required to follow the flow of traffic but, when safety and room permit, cul-de-sacs are plowed to push the snow away from driveways to the center of the cul-de-sac rather than out toward private property. Drivers attempt to keep residents' drive­ways clear of the excess snow from the street. The city does not clear wind rows that form across driveways as the city simply does not have the personnel or equipment to clean all of the driveway approaches.

How can residents keep snow out of shoveled driveways?
Shovel and pile snow in the direction of traffic. Clear snow from the area ahead of the driveway before plow­ing occurs.