2024 Municipal Band Schedule


Monday, May 27

Memorial Day

9:45 AM

Montrose Cemetery

Thursday, May 30

7:00 PM

Simple Room

Ice Cream Social

Thursday, June 6

7:00 PM

Greenville Public Library

414 W Main

Thursday, June 13

7:00 PM

DeMoulin Museum

205 S Prairie St

Thursday, June 20

7:00 PM

Bond County Museum

409 S 4th St

Thursday, June 27

7:00 PM

GU Arch

Greenville University

The Municipal Band will also perform at the First United Methodist Church on Saturday, July 6 at 5:00 PM at the Annual FourthFest Celebration. 




The Mayor and City Council appoint a Municipal Band Board. The Band Board shall appoint a band conductor who, with the approval of the Band Board, shall employ a group of individual musicians who will be under the management and direction of the band conductor and shall collectively be known as the Greenville Municipal Band. The Municipal Band is funded by monies levied by the City of Greenville to support the Municipal Band.