I.       GENERAL
   A.        No swimming, bathing or wading is permitted.
   B.        No person shall pollute the lake or discard trash in or around the lake.
   C.        Camping is NOT permitted in areas owned or controlled by the City of Greenville.
   D.        No intoxicated persons are permitted on or around the lake.
   E.        No boat or craft may be tied, anchored or otherwise stored overnight or longer at any city dock.
   F.        The maximum allowable horsepower on Governor Bond Lake for any personal watercraft is 160 horsepower.


  1.  All boats must have a permit issued by the City of Greenville before being permitted on the lake. To assist the Lake Patrol Officer, we ask that all previous license stickers be removed from your boat. Affix the sticker to the left rear of the boat.
  2. Traffic pattern is counterclockwise with boats required to keep to the right of the center of each area where boating is permitted.
  3.  The zone within 150 feet from the shoreline and the zone marked with buoys are “NO WAKE” areas with a speed limit of 5 MPH.
  4. No person shall operate any boat or craft in Zone B at a greater speed than at the rate of 5 MPH
  5. No person shall operate any boat or craft outside designated “NO WAKE” zones or Zone B at a greater speed than at the rate of 45 MPH
  6. A 5 MPH speed limit exists between sunset and sunrise and when water is at high level (526.6 Elevation).  Normal pool is 525 Elevation.
  7. Boating is NOT permitted within 150 feet of the water intake.
  8. All boats must comply with the attached Illinois Department of Conservation regulations (click on Illinois Boat Registration & Safety Act Digest below).
  9. Personal watercraft shall be limited to 160 horsepower.
  10. Horsepower limits for Governor Bond Lake is Trolling through 300 OB/IO.
  11. Outboard engines shall have a maximum of 300 horsepower limit, and the placard must match in the boat.  Only one motor is permitted.


  1. Approved life jackets or belts are required on all persons while in the water or  being towed.
  2. No water skiing or surf board riding is permitted between sunset and sunrise.
  3. At least two competent people must occupy a boat towing a water skier, surf board, etc.
  4. Water skiing, surf board riding, etc., is NOT permitted in “NO WAKE” areas or under any bridges.
  5. Boat length:  the following maximum boat lengths have been established: 22 ft. regular boats; 32 ft. pontoon boats.