Resident Rules and Regulations


Class B Trolling Through 50 Horsepower $    25.00
Class C 51 Through 135 Horsepower $    50.00
Class C1 136 Through 300 I/O $  100.00
Class D Dealers $   50.00
Class E Inboard Boat $  100.00
Class P Personal Watercraft $  100.00


Boats must be sanctioned by the National Marine Manufacturing Assoc., using standards set by the Boating Industry Association.  The overall length shall not exceed 22 feet. All boats must be inspected annually by the city lake patrol for compliance to these rules.

Personal Watercraft such as wave runners, jet skis, etc. are restricted to a maximum of 160 horsepower.

No sales before January 2. Permits run on the calendar year, no pro-ration of fee for fractions thereof.

* Boat placard must match the motor horsepower.*



• CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE, minimum of $100,000 each occurrence must be furnished EVERY year.  Your insurance agent must fill out and sign Section 1 of the attached Certificate form.  PERMIT WILL BE DENIED IF ANY INFORMATION IS OMITTED, so check the certificate over carefully.  No other forms of insurance will be accepted-no phone calls/faxes will be made for insurance verification.  If your insurance expires during the current boat season, a certificate showing renewal must be remitted to this office.  Failure to comply will result in revocation of your permit.

• NON-RESIDENT applicants owning property in Bond County but residing out of county may obtain a permit at in-county rates if they provide proof of ownership, such as a tax statement.

• STATE WATERCRAFT CARD showing the assigned state number, horsepower rating, and length for the boat or craft.  If applied for, a copy of the application is required until your card arrives.  If your state does not issue watercraft cards, copies of boat and motor titles are required.  (Mail applicants should submit a clear photocopy.)


• LENGTH OF BOAT:  The following maximum boat lengths have been established:  22 ft. regular boats; 32 ft. pontoon boats.

• APPLICATION may be made at the Greenville Municipal Building, 404 S. Third St., Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., by mail or fax (618-664-1648).  Mail and fax applicants must fill out and sign the bottom portion of the Certificate of Insurance form and submit with check/money order or pay on-line through on-line ePay payments, and include above required information.

• It is the responsibility of the permit holder to familiarize him/herself with all rules and ordinances.