Boat licenses can be revoked immediately by the Chief of Police for falsification of information on the application. The revocation can be followed by a complaint being filed in Circuit Court against the individual(s) filing the false information. Greenville City ordinances provide for a fine of not less than $150 nor more than $750.

  • Any person operating a boat or watercraft in violation of said laws, ordinances, rules or regulations of the State of Illinois or the City of Greenville may be issued a violation notice by any authorized agent of the City.
  • The license or permit for any boat or craft shall be revoked upon any driver of that boat or craft being issued two violation notices in any calendar year, whether issued to the same driver or to two different drivers.
  • The permit or license shall not be eligible for renewal until the following calendar year and may be renewed only upon proof of satisfactory completion of an approved Boater’s Safety Course.