Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee shall develop plans to promote tourism and make recommendations to the city council for use of proceeds from the hotel/motel tax collected.


 Tourism Committee Designation  Term Expires (4 yr terms) 
1.  Sharon Grimes Chairman  4/30/2026
2.  Kathy Brewer  Member  4/30/2026
3.  Chintan Patel  Hotel Owner  4/30/2027
4.  Vacant  Member  4/30/2024
5.  Erin Bradshaw  Member  4/30/2024
6.  Om Jogi  Hotel Owner        4/30/2024
7.  Laura Wall  Member  4/30/2025
8.  David Kessinger  Member  4/30/2025
9.  Janie Nelson  Member  4/30/2027


Jo Hollenkamp                      City Manager, ex-officio (non- voting)
Bill Walker                             Interim Tourism Director (non-voting)

Meeting Date

The Tourism Committee typically meets on the fourth Thursday of every month as needed at 5:15 PM at the Greenville Municipal Building.