Band Board

The Municipal Band Board is organized by and for the City of Greenville, in the State of Illinois, to provide musical concerts for the Greater Greenville Area during the summer months.  The Greenville Municipal Band is also established to present an opportunity for amateur and professional musicians to use and advance their musical accomplishments.


Band Board Members                                   Designation               Term Expiration (5 yr terms)

 1.  Lisa Stephens  Councilman  8/31/2023
 2.  Dale Martin  Member  8/31/2024
 3.  Shawn Cox  Chairman  8/31/2025
 4.  Marilyn Richards  Member  8/31/2026
 5.  Dianah Kuhl-Troemel  Secretary  8/31/2027



     Chris Woods                            Conductor (non-voting)