City Manager

City Manager

JoAnn Hollenkamp

618-664-1644 ext. 1002


The City of Greenville has a City Manager-Council form of government. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is Chief Executive Officer of the City, supervising department heads that direct the administrative functions of the City. The City Manager serves the five-member City Council by carrying out City policy and managing the operations of the City.

By statute, the City Manager is responsible for enforcement of all laws and ordinances within the municipality, the implementation of City Council goals, policies and programs, and, through City departments, and the provision of City services. The City Manager and support staff provide professional management and leadership to City departments. The City Manager serves as a liaison with the Council and other government and public agencies.

The City Manager prepares the City’s annual operating budget for City Council consideration and enactment. The City Manager appoints, suspends or removes all employees of the City, including all directors of administrative departments. All employees perform their duties subject to the direction of the City Manager.